E-beam and X-ray Services

E-beam and X-ray Services

Every radiation application comes with its specific requirements. That is why Mevex has a customized approach for every project allowing an optimal design for each customer need.

Radiation calculations and simulations are used to design radiation shields. Two main type of shields are possible: Self-shielded accelerators where the shield is made of steel and traditional bunkers are made of concrete.

The range of Mevex services also include validating customer systems according to applicable standards and supporting them after installation.

Mevex also provides technical support services and upgrades for other e-beam accelerator manufacturers.

This is how we can help you

Radiation simulations

It all starts by evaluating which energy gives the optimal dose distribution within products.

Monte Carlo calculations will drive product handling and bunker preliminary requirements and designs.

System validation

The Mevex e-beam and X-ray system are validated according to applicable standards (ISO, ASTM, ANSI, …).

Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) are typically part of the Mevex scope of supply.


Mevex upgrades obsolete accelerators and obsolete gamma systems.

The obsolete source is replaced with a state-of-the art e-beam and/or X-ray system. The product handling system can be kept or replaced.

Technical support

Supporting our customers will always be our priority. We provide 24/24 global technical support and we have large inventory of spare parts in multiple locations around the globe.

We do not only support Mevex systems but other accelerator technologies also.

Lifecycle management

Our team of irradiation experts will support you through the life cycle of the accelerator project: from project planning and management to post installation technical support, training and upgrades.

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