Mevex Linear Accelerators (Linacs)

Mevex Linear Accelerators (Linacs)

Mevex manufactures linear accelerators (Linacs) for popular applications such as 10 MeV e-beam sterilization of single use medical devices and 5 MeV X-ray irradiation of food.

Typical Linac energies are 5 MeV, 7 MeV and 10 MeV. We also design custom built accelerators with specific energy and power requirements.

All Mevex Linacs are highly reliable and optimized for one specific beam energy.

Mevex Linear Accelerators (Linacs)
Design energyTypical powerVariable energyOptional dual technology

(X-ray / e-beam)

Target applications
3 MeV10 – 150 kWYY

Wire and cable polymer crosslinking

Polymer crosslinking (wire, cable, tube, pipe, sheets, …)

R&D self-shielded irradiator

Alternative to Gamma Cell GC220
5 MeV50 – 100 kWYYX-ray for food irradiation (sanitary and phytosanitary treatment)
5 – 7,5 MeV40 kWYY

5 MeV X-ray for food irradiation

7,5 MeV X-ray for medical devices sterilization
7,5 MeV100 – 300 kWYY7,5 MeV X-ray for medical devices sterilization
10 MeV20 – 80 kWYY10 MeV E-beam for medical devices sterilization
25 MeV10 – 40 kWYYGemstone irradiation
35 MeV35 kWYYRadioisotopes production
40 MeV50 – 120 kWYYRadioisotopes production
50 MeV50 – 120 kWYYRadioisotopes production
This is a small selection of what we do. Tell us what you want…we can probably do it !

Linacs main features

Mevex Linac 3LR

Every application has its Linac

Mevex supplies multiple Linacs each optimized for a specific “design energy“. Some of our typical Linacs:

  • 10 MeV Linac for e-beam sterilization
  • 7,5 MeV Linac for X-ray sterilization
  • 5 MeV Linacs for food irradiation

The maximum beam power is available for that specific optimal energy.

Adjustable energy

All Linacs are able to vary energy around the design energy.

This allows improving the irradiation dose uniformity for products which may require less or more energy.

Compact size, high power

Linacs are very compact and light compared with other particle accelerators. Compact Linacs can be installed with forklift and result in less shielding. Self-shielding also becomes a reality.

The picture shows Mevex engineers celebrating the 100th Linac manufactured, a 5 MeV 50kW linear accelerator.

X-ray Linac Pallets

Simple, reliable

Simple is good for industrial equipment! Linear accelerators are rather simple to understand and to maintain compared with other particle accelerator technologies.

Linac users can develop inhouse technical expertise to overcome most situations improving the overall availability of the system.

E-beam and X-ray with one Linac

Linacs can be designed with dual irradiation technology capabilities: electron beam and X-ray.

Users can create one irradiation “treatment set” per product batch allowing to adapt sterilization parameters for each product.

As an example, a 10 MeV e-beam batch of products can follow a 7,5 MeV X-ray batch of products. The X-ray target is automatically controlled.

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